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Remote Monitoring

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SSC Air is a licensed distributor of ProCura IoT

Complete visibility into all of your compressed-air operations, delivered.

Let SSCAir deliver you and your operations the market leading solution for effective and flexible cloud-based monitoring. With tools that can configure to provide limitless connectivity to any piece of equipment.

A comprehensive and customizable, cloud-based system — Uptime-IoT provides our customers a complete and accurate view into operational performance. From where ever you are, 24/7 — sign in on your private dashboard to view analytics, performance and other critical details.
Should anything start to perform below par, we're ahead of it. The SSC Air team will have already been notified, on site and mitigating the issue.

Single Login

This comprehensive IoT solution is compatible with and capable to monitor all equipment types.

Support & Accessories

Full line of accessories, sensors, and protocol converters backed by the SSC Air support team that you know you can rely on and trust.

Tested Solutions

With thousands of assets already, the RMX Platform is tried and tested, delivering accurate views and operational uptime.

We don't sell products, we solve problems. 

Our IoT remote monitoring systems are the solution to problems that can go unseen until they're suddenly not. With live updates and the ability to monitor the status of every asset on the go, SSC Air will be your around the clock watchman with unparalleled platform intelligence.
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Ready to learn more about remote monitoring?

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