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Find out why we're your best and quickest solution for overhauls.
Learn more about partial and complete overhauls today.

We don't have the red tape that slows others down — so we can move a whole lot faster

From the most basic reciprocating compressor to the high output centrifugal compressor — we know it, and we can restore your systems back to its peak performance level. With the extensive knowledge that comes from over 100 years of experience in our tool box, the SSC Air team is capable of taking equipment from broken to runs-like-new.

Did we mention that we move fast? SSC Air is designed to not have the corporate red tape that bogs a lot of the others down. What typically may take a dedicated manufacturer 2-3 weeks, takes us several days. What that means is that we'll get you back up and running in a fraction of the time.
Get started on an overhaul.
Fill in as much info about your equipment as you can — we'll call you back with all the info you need to know, and we'll be ready to get started.

We're hitting the ground running! A member of our team will be reaching out to you shortly to help get you back up and running quickly.


What takes them weeks,
takes us just days. 

Our reach expands across all OEMs. And that means we can bypass much of the red tape that slows others down. Lean on us to get you back up and running fast.
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