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Energy Audits

Speak with a Master Technician and let us your needs. We’ve got solutions..
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The most efficient compressor is the one that doesn’t run.

How confident are you that you’re not running double the CFM above what your operations need? Do you have air leaks that are wreaking havoc on your operational bottom line? If these kinds of questions are keeping you up at night — its time for an air audit.

Find out about the several air audit options SSC Air has available to our customers. Find leaks, resolve inefficiencies and be on your way to the smoothest, most dependable year in your company’s compressed air yet.

Air System Designed & Engineering

Optimize flow or energy within your current system. Our team can revise or design from scratch the most efficient application, customized to your operations. 

Ultra-Sonic Leak Detection

Air leaks of any size will be identified and flagged. Find out the ultimate impact on and risk to your system.

Air Audit

From logger hook up to analysis, the SSC Air team will deliver exact performance numbers that go beyond your “required to” numbers.

Find out how an audit could be what lay between you and efficient (more profitable) operations. 

We don’t sell products, we solve problems. Our people are the best at what they do. If you’ve got risks, we’ll find them and we’ll prevent future failures. Get an assessment today, and start saving your business time and money immediately.
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