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Our Most Powerful Portable Air Production System
Find out more about capsule-contained compressed air solutions

Flexible, Reliable + Cost-Effective 

Our fully portable MAPS solution is revolutionizing the industry's approach to compressed-air systems. Operating at significantly lower costs than current solutions, our mobile air systems are perfect for temporary or permanent installations. 
Each MAPS system is built to spec, delivered in whole, and ready for power connection. From its quick start up time, costs savings and flexibility to expand or reduce capacity easily — MAPS are quickly becoming the competitive solution for any compressed air needs.
As an outdoor, mobile capsule — our master technicians build each system in our controlled environment and deliver it to you completely ready for power. From start to finish, our process is up to 40% faster and does not require the typical processing of permits or months of engaging with on site engineering and contracting teams. MAPS is delivered, and done.


Take a look at how simple + effective SSCAir mobile air systems are:


Save Space

Floor space today comes at a premium — with MAPS your precious real estate does not need to be dedicated to air production. Fully mobile, your MAPS solution will sit out side and out of site.

Save Time

Securing costly and time consuming permits, hosting a team of contractors for months of build out... these hassles can now be a thing of the past.

Save Costs

With significantly lower start up costs and infinite flexibility to reduce and expand system capacity with ease, MAPS is the most  effective and adaptable solution for companies today.

Design, deliver, and done.

Our process is that easy. Our engineering team will establish your system requirements, we'll design and build your capsule here at our state of the art facility, and then we deliver and connect it to power.
With MAPS, you'll always be ready to grow, move or adapt to the specific needs of your company. Reach out to our team today and find out how this solution may be perfect for you
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