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PPS Expertise

Exclusive distributor for Prevost Piping System — the innovative compressed air network range, made entirely from aluminum.
Find out more about the piping system that is built to last

Rely on Top-Quality Air Supply

SSC Air offers exclusive expertise for design, installation, and support of all Prevost Piping Systems. Made entirely from aluminum, this innovative piping solution offers the only light weight, leak-free network built by the world's leaders in pneumatic and hydraulic industrial equipment systems.

Our team is committed to providing our PPS customers the highest level of service and quality. Whether it is designing, installing, or maintaing Prevost custom pipe networks — the SSC Air team is here to support your business needs.


Guaranteed Leak-Free Network

The PPS Grip concept ensures a flawless connection and zero leaks. Thanks to the perfectly smooth internal pipe surface, flow rates are optimized for leak tight connection.


Impact-Resistant Piping

The aluminum design offers excellent mechanical resistance to pressure and to impacts, protecting your network against risks of oxidation and corrosion.


Compact + Lightweight

The upgraded design of the new PPS1 aluminum fittings offer the most high tech and innovative material for piping that ensures modularity and scalability.

Take a look at why SSC AIR is a proud partner of Prevost Piping Solutions:



We proudly support and supply Prevost Piping Systems

Our installations utilize the "PPS Grip Concept", ensuring our customers receive a flawless connection and zero leaks. Flow rates are optimized by Prevost's perfectly smooth internal pipe surface, low friction coefficient, and a large internal diameter.

For exclusive-expertise with Prevost solutions — 
Lean on SSC Air.

From design to install, maintenance and beyond — SSC Air is the Southeast's leading distributor for everything Prevost. As Master Technicians, we are able to fully customize the exact solution and specific built-to-last piping solution that is right for your business. Lean on our expertise and chat with us today.
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