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Air Compressor Installation

Get a quote or find out more about the benefits of air compressor installation and integration.

SSC Air offers a complete range of installation services.

Impeccable engineering design, top-quality workmanship, and meeting and exceeding deadlines — any feedback from our customer that is less than that, and we didn't do our job.

Efficient compressed air systems are achieved in how the system is designed and the equipment installed. When systems are installed correctly, you'll be mitigating costly issues and problems that are likely to arise down the line. Relying on SSC Air's highly trained and professional installation team and optimize the uptime of your operations for years to come.


Proper design involves our identifying your exact system requirements and selecting cost and energy efficient equipment and layout.


Our team is skilled in taking spec'd design to fully functioning operation — installing your compressors, dryers, tanks and towers 


SSC Air manages each project from start to completion, coordinating and performing all aspects of the process.


After completion, we're able to assist you for the long haul — from parts, maintenance and interim audits to confirm your operations are optimized.



We proudly support and supply Prevost Piping Systems

Our installations are utilize "PPS Grip Concept", ensuring our customers a flawless connection and zero leaks. Flow rates are optimized by Prevost's perfectly smooth internal pipe surface, low friction coefficient, and a large internal diameter.

Install correctly now, 
Avoid downtime later

From strategy to project management, implementation and beyond — SSC Air has been relied on by big and local names, across different sectors and geographies to create and install efficient and effective air compressor systems. As Master Technicians, we are not tethered to a specific OEM. Instead, we are able to fully customize the exact solution and specific equipment that is right for you and your business. Lean on our expertise and get a quote today.
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